Client’s Problem: Kitchen was ruined by a flood from the dishwasher.

1. Client wishes to get rid of the old Formica, fake wood cabinets from the 80’s and 90’s throughout their home, including the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. These fake wood cabinets (i.e. Formica, MDF) have provided a home for mold, grease, bacteria.

2. Another problem was the old tile flooring which was too hard to walk on barefoot, and its thick grout lines would get dirty easily.

The Progression of the Remodel:


1. Introduction: We get to know our customer and their wants, needs, and expectations. We explain our services and how they can help our client realize their vision. (1 Day)

2. Estimate/Design: Next, we crunch numbers; we create an estimate for the cost of the flooring installation and breakdown all the different components that go along with the kitchen remodel (color/type of cabinets, installation, stone countertops, sink, crown molding, etc). With this information, we create a kitchen design. We provide most of our remodel projects with the materials unless it is in the customer’s best interest to purchase the materials themselves (if it is cheaper). We always give the client the most economical option according to their wants and needs. (1 day)

3. Details: Our client chooses the materials for their remodel. We always recommend solid wood cabinets and granite. In this case, our client chose marble countertops because they were discounted due to cracks and stains in the slabs. We disclosed to them that we would do our very best to use the slab effectively and try to get the stains out. The client also chose laminate, waterproof flooring they purchased directly from a store because it was cheaper. (1 Day)

4. Greenlight: Contract/Downpayment. By this phase, we finalize the details with the client and sign a contract. We also collect a down payment of 50%-60% of the project in order to purchase materials and begin the remodel. We ask that our client removes any small objects and disconnect all electrical outlets. As far as the rest of the furniture, we will take care of the heavy lifting. (1 Day)

5. Breaking Ground: Demolition of old cabinets/countertops and flooring. We are always in constant communication with our clients during the remodel and keep them involved if any issues arises. (1-2 days)

6. Installation: The kitchen cabinets took 1 day, and then the template of the cabinets was measured to help us accurately cut and fabricate the marble countertops.

7. Fabrication of countertops: 7-10 business days.

8. Installation of laminate floors: While the countertops were being fabricated, the laminate floors were installed. (3 Days)

9. Installation of marble countertops and sink. (1 Day)

10. Finishing Touches: Installation of handles for the kitchen cabinets and the finishing touches. (1 Day)

11. Remodel completed! Client walkthrough is performed to make sure their expectations were met and that they are happy! Collect the final payment! (1 Day)

“Do yourself a favor and hire these guys. They were professional, on time and aimed to please.  They were so great that we’ve hired them for another project!”

Mike C.

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