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Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re looking for a company to perform a kitchen renovation for your house, look no further than Tampa’s top remodeling contractor Renovate Tampa Bay. No one can do a kitchen remodeling better than us and we have the satisfied customers to prove it. Below we’ll explain why we see as much business as we do and why reviews are so important to our continued success.

Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

Whether you want a full kitchen renovation, new flooring, or just cabinets and countertops installed, we’re the company for you. Founded in 2015, we started our business in order to provide consumers with fair pricing for quality materials and home remodeling services. Big box companies want you to believe that a good renovation with only the best materials available on the market should cost you an arm and a leg, but we’ve discovered this simply isn’t true. Here at Renovate Tampa Bay, we pride ourselves on our excellent materials, integrity, accountability, and honesty. We make renovating easy as we will walk you through every step of the renovation process including:


We’ll discuss exactly what you’re looking to do, talk about prices, and figure out a timeline that works for you. Then we’ll pick out what materials you want to be used and figure out a layout.


We’ll create a render of your finished remodel so you can really get an idea of what it will look like when completed and discuss what you like and what needs to be changed. Sometimes countertops and cabinets look nice separately but can end up clashing once put together.


Now comes time for us to actually renovate. Our workers are efficient, quick, and cost-effective, meaning you’ll have your renovation completed in no time.

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Great word of mouth can be one of the strongest factors in deciding whether a company grows or dies. With our excellent kitchen renovation services and wonderful customer service, we have earned a plethora of stellar reviews, but we want to encourage our clients to continue to leave them. The only way we can continue to grow and improve as a company is through honest feedback from our clients. We also want to be able to proudly represent our reviews below so that potential customers can know they can trust us to do good work.

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If you’ve been on the fence about a kitchen remodeling due to the price, give Renovate Tampa Bay a call today. We can do anything from partial kitchen and bathroom renovations to big commercial projects. No matter how big or small your project is we guarantee only the best services. Every job we work on we do so with the mindset of getting it done fast and right. We understand how detrimental lost business or the inconveniences of not being able to use your kitchen or bathroom can be. We’ve been in your place, which is why we’re so dedicated to providing the good people of Tampa with only the best renovations with the highest quality materials for a fair price. Call us today to get a quote.

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