Do you desire a functional kitchen? Then your first step is to choose the best kitchen countertops! The design and type of countertops you choose must suit your lifestyle. Most experts even agree that countertops are the main event of a kitchen. That said, picking the right one can be tricky. Why? Because there are several options in the market. To ease your stress, our professional remodelers at Renovate Tampa Bay have taken a look at seven first-class kitchen countertops you will undeniably fall in love with. If you live in Tampa and need a more personalized guide, we are just a phone call away!

Seven Best Kitchen Countertops

  1. Granite- Countertops made with granite can transform a modest kitchen into a luxury space. It perfectly defines elegance, durability, and nearly impervious to heat.  
  2. Soapstone- Architectural soapstone adopted for countertops are highly resistant to stain and are incredibly hard. Most homeowners have even claimed that they come with a deep, rich color that makes a kitchen appear very attractive. 
  3. Marble- Here is another natural stone that offers a luxurious look. Marble is both heatproof and waterproof. As a beautiful stone, it adds to the value of a home.
  4. Quartz- Engineered quartz requires no yearly sealing. If you are bent on being on the cutting edge, this is an excellent consideration for your kitchen. It is resistant to stains and offers a more natural appearance than some solid materials. 
  5. Solid-Surface Material- Considered a mid-tier, this is an excellent choice for most mid-range homes. It can resist stain, available in several patterns and colors, and its seams are nearly invisible. 
  6. Ceramic Tile- With current renovations in porcelain tiles, homeowners are now open to a vast array of designs. These include tiles that appear like leather, marble, or wood. 
  7. Laminates- With its availability in colors, styles, and patterns, this design has experienced a spike in demand. They are easy to maintain, inexpensive, and installation is relatively easy. 

Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Countertop

  • What Color And Style Do I Prefer? The appearance of your countertop will largely depend on the material. And for colors, you have to pick one that’ll blend with your kitchen. 
  • What’s My Budget? Your budget must be seriously considered. 
  • How Durable Is The Material? When it comes to durability, all countertops aren’t equal. All countertop designs mentioned do not offer similar durability. But you can be sure they are all durable! 

Your Next Big Step! 

If you still find choosing the perfect kitchen countertop in Tampa a little bit frustrating, it could be that you are missing out on a big step, and that’s by not consulting experts. They will help you choose the best countertops Tampa locals swear by. They examine your style, preference and guide you to pick the best one that obtains the functionality and look you want. 

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