Kitchen remodeling in Tampa can be quite extensive, and picking all the right cabinets, colors, countertops, and back splashes can seem like endless choices. Once you have all the big pieces put together, have you put any thought into your cabinet accessories? What may seem small can have a big impact on the ease and use of your kitchen, so be prepared to do your homework. Renovate Tampa Bay can help you throughout the designing process, helping to build plans of your future kitchen. We can assist you during the installation as well, ensuring expert craftsmanship went into the entire kitchen. 


Your Kitchen’s Layout

If you have a U-shape, L-shape, open concept, or gallery kitchen, white cabinets with darker hardware can add sophistication and rustic feels, depending on your overall theme. The crispness of the white will help open up your kitchen and give you more choices in your hardware and accessories. Whether you are fully renovating the entire kitchen or just sprucing up the cabinets and hardware, taking a step back at the kitchen in a more encompassing look will give you a good feel of how much color is too much, how large and intricate your hardware will be, and how stunning of a back splash you may want.  


Cabinet Accessories

One vital component to your kitchen remodel and thus, the hardware and accessories, is what overall style you are going to select for your new kitchen. Traditional kitchens are the down to earth, homey feels of country kitchens. These kitchens usually have more of a flair in their cabinet designs, and are typically painted white or left in their hardwood design for a more rustic feel. Modern kitchens have cleaner edges and lines, and less flash in their door designs, keeping the theme more aligned and uniform. These cabinets can be grey or white as well, but more modern designs are going with more bold colors such as greens, blues and reds for a striking look. The transitional kitchen is a mix between the two looks; the cabinets may have the sleekness of modern design but then have the rustic hardware and colors of a country kitchen. 


What many people often overlook during their Tampa kitchen remodeling project is how important the hardware, faucet and accessories can play into your kitchen style. Oil rubbed bronze or gold hardware brings out the farmhouse kitchen feel, while black hardware can create a more minimalist look. Whether the black hardware is metallic or matte, it can help tie together the cabinets and appliances if you have white cabinets with black appliances, for example. Classic door styles will accentuate the darker accessories and hardware, while if you’re going towards more of a traditional country feel, an arched cabinet door can liven up your darker hardware. Sleeker hardware designs work well for the modern kitchen look, especially with a minimalist cabinet door, like the shaker style cabinets. These cabinets have clean lines and edges, and offer a variety of styles that can easily fit a modern, traditional or transitional style easily, and will make any hardware you pick stand out. 


Tampa Kitchen Remodeling

Remember that your kitchen faucet doesn’t necessarily need to match your hardware and accessories, as long as it functions well for your kitchen. Bringing your look together should still lean towards your overall style and what works best for you. Keeping in mind current trends helps you stay on track in case you may sell your house in the near future, but if you intend on staying in your home for years to come, make sure your remodeling project fits your style, needs, and aesthetic, and the rest will fall into place. 


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