Kitchen cabinet styles have a significant impact on the whole outlook of your kitchen, and new cabinet trends range from traditional to rustic to contemporary. There is definitely a style that will suit you and go great with your current décor plan.

The Latest New Cabinet Trends in 2021

Traditional cabinets

Traditional cabinet styles feature more details and can sometimes come in the form of breadboard or raised-panel designs.

The colors range from creams to clean whites, and you can also find them in tans and reds. Most cabinet installers will open insect recessed doors where you can see the frames around the doors, and these doors are also set in flush with the frame.


Shaker cabinets

These are pretty popular as they showcase simplicity and functionality. These characteristics include cabinet doors that are flat-paneled with natural wood, rail frames, and natural hues such as gray and white.

Shaker cabinet styles have a classic casual look that can work with any kitchen style you currently have.


Rustic cabinets

Rustic cabinet styles often reflect mountain or country style and offer matching kitchen cabinets in the whole house.

They mostly have interesting characters and detail in the form of imperfections. Rather than having a glossy satin finish, they have a matte or rugged one that accentuates their authenticity.


Contemporary cabinets

Contemporary cabinet styles generally feature minimal ornamentation, simple hardware, and flat surfaces that give a clean and unfussy look. This style is excellent for small kitchens, as there is no molding, which means they will appear taller and have more storage area than the others.

The materials used in contemporary include man-made concrete, metal, glass, manufactured wood, or plastic.


Slab cabinets

Slab cabinet styles often go together with the contemporary style, and they can come with an even more modern look and are part of new cabinet trends.

This style is sometimes known as a “flat-panel” cabinet and can be characterized by a low-maintenance appeal and simple design.

The slab cabinets are not as expensive to make because they require less labor and materials, plus they are pretty easy to clean. There are no crannies, corners, or nooks.


Country-style cabinets

These are meant to give a timeless, down-home, and cozy vibe. They are like traditional style cabinets, but they often come in bead-board, raised panels, and other decorations, such as wire, glass, and tin.

Wood is popular with country cabinets and other painted colors like mint green, pale blue, cream, and butter yellow.

The distressing techniques use milk paint, which can be applied to the color to enhance the look of the country cabinets to keep up with new cabinet trends.


Craftsman Cabinet Styles

These originated as a response to the mass-produced and overly-decorated furniture in the 1800s. Most cabinet installers will define them with quality construction, straight lines, and minimal ornaments.

They are often made with heavy woods such as oak, cherry, maple, and hickory; they are typically left in the natural state of the wood.

Whichever cabinet trends you choose, make sure they match with the rest of your home and enhance the décor. All the best.