Gone are the days of the neutral-only color code in the kitchen; we are in a new Tampa kitchen remodeling era. The census is that colorful kitchen remodels bring a whole new breath of life into the home. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen in the Tampa area but have nowhere to start, we have a look that may fit perfectly into your mind’s eye. In this edition of steal this look, we will examine kitchen maker Ingris Hall’s newly designed kitchen with an unconventional color palette that is blowing designer’s minds across the world. The neutral cabinets are accented by colorful doorways and are offset by various color combinations. If you like this look, we at Renovate Tampa Bay are ready to help you start the concept for your kitchen remodel today.


About This Colorful Kitchen Remodel

Ingris Hall collaborated with Simon Marchand on all the colors of this kitchen. They used bright turquoise doors to offset the beige of the cabinets and island. The oak stools come from Hall’s Laines collection and can be hand-painted to match any kitchen décor, although turquoise is becoming more common in Tampa kitchen remodeling. Most of the metal in the kitchen is brass. One unique feature that would be welcomed into any Tampa home is the saloon-like doors opening into a drink station where cocktails can be created and brought to guests around the unconventional fireplace. While all these aspects seem unique, you can adapt them to fit your very own Tampa kitchen remodeling project.


Color Choice

The color choice in this kitchen is hands down, the real selling point. The walls are painted in “prosthetic limb,” which is a mellow peach tone. The cabinets and island are painted beige, specifically “Beige by any other name,” straight from the Marchand Son collection. The sideboard and pantry are a soft brown, another from the Marchand Son collection known as “That guy will never make it selling shoes.” Last, the window frames and doors are painted in the turquoise complexion mentioned above; this color “Smart Tony” can be purchased from Marchand Son.


From Countertops to Furniture

The countertops are a topus quartz from Caesarstone, while the refrigerator is the Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart Fridge with French doors, costing around $4,000 retail. The Everhot Range Cooker 150 Series is pictured here in black but comes in a variety of colors. The aged brass faucets and fixtures are a wonderful addition to the kitchen from deVOL, consisting of the faucet, instant hot tap, and a pot filler tap. The furniture is minimal but still adds to the room’s ambiance. The stools come from Ingrid Hall’s collection. The hardware on the cabinet is unlacquered brass as opposed to the aged brass faucets. Last but not least are the accessories that give the kitchen that subtle pop, with the Deborah Ehrlich maple cutting board and the WRF Lab large pitcher.


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