More than color, style, or countertop materials, open shelving is still the biggest and famous trend in kitchen design today. When opting for open shelving, most homeowners include floating shelves. Are you considering this too? You might have wondered if floating design shelves can work in your kitchen, if they will make your kitchen look shabby or messy, or if you can replace them with kitchen cabinets. In this article, Renovate Tampa Bay in Florida has satisfied all your curiosity about this design trend!

Why Consider Floating Shelves?

Rather than wall-to-wall cabinetry, this design is an excellent way to display your personality. It is a perfect way to flaunt prized items like mugs, bowls, artwork, cookbooks, bowls, beautiful serving pieces, and more. They can also be an accent with materials from stainless steel to raw wood available. Due to their vast array of building materials, open shelving can adapt into any design style, from industrial and minimal, to traditional and electric.

If you are considering functionality, then exploring the pros and cons will make it a bit clearer. In addition, this design can consume little visual and physical space. Thus, in smaller kitchens, it can make it feel brighter and bigger! For serious cooks, open shelving lets users keep ingredients, tools, and serving dishes in sight and within reach, enhancing functionality. Let’s explore two ways to utilize floating kitchen shelves in the kitchen and examine the pros and cons.

Replacing Wall Cabinets With Floating Design Shelves

The Pros- This design will let your kitchen exhibit a clean, linear look. Kitchen owners can display their kitchenware and enjoy fun because the design mixes textures and colors. In addition, you have access to all your glassware and dishes.

The cons- Your shelves will often get dusty. Thus, you will need to wash items you haven’t used for days before using them. Also, once you have painstakingly designed the look of the floating design, you will need to replace items in their rightful place. While the cleaning could appear effortless, it requires constant time to maintain them.

Adding Floating Kitchen Shelves In The Corner

The Pros- They offer a pleasant alternative to those horrible corner wall cabinets in most kitchens. This design won’t allow you to lose any storage space, and of course, it can be an excellent spot for larger items that can be displayed and used occasionally.

The cons- You will wrestle dust. However, if this is your only floating shelf, and you use it for storing possessions you rarely use, then it might not present itself as a battle. You could dust them, treating them as part of your cleaning routine. You could even leave them till you need them the following year.

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