Hardwood floors are a peculiar addition to your home. They add elegance, warmth, and charm. No matter how long you have had your hardwood floors or just installed them professionally, it is essential to keep your hardwood floor clean so they last for you and your household for years. As your floors get older, it develops the issue of color fading. However, you can get floor protection on your hardwood floor. If you need a remodeling contractor Tampa residents swear by, Renovate Tampa Bay is your best choice. Read on to learn more about how to protect your floor. 


How Do You Ensure Adequate Floor Protection? 


Your hardwood floor needs pampering and protection for it to last long and still look good.


  1. Avoid Natural Light

The sun gives light and warmth to your home, and we all love it. It also drains the color from your hardwood floors. The rays of the sun can cause damage to your flooring and may result in fading and discoloration. The best way to protect your floor from fading or discoloration, you should consider keeping your curtains and shades closed in the rooms you don’t use. If you like natural lighting, the better alternative would be tinting the window utilizing a UV shield. When the sun’s rays are at a distance, you’ll be happy because your floor will stay fresh. 


  1. Move Furniture Around

Your furniture shouldn’t be in one position for many years. It makes the quality of your flooring diminish with inconsistent color. With your hardwood floors, you need to move your furniture and change its location at least twice a year. It allows for easy cleaning of your whole floor plan, helping you maintain the color and durability of your hardwood floor. 


  1. Decorate Windows Using Plants

We agree that natural lighting is not suitable for hardwood floors, but there’s another solution for you. If you don’t like shades and curtains or don’t like tinting your windows, you can go to your favorite garden center to look for beautiful plants. Green plants are attracted to sunlight and always look for more. Put various beautiful plants outside or in front of the window. It’ll reduce floor damage to the nearest minimum. 


Get A Good Remodeling Contractor For The Job

There are various flooring options you should try at home. Keep your home cozy with the few tips above. Your floors will remain shiny even after many years. If you have old floods or you want to install new ones, make sure you contact a remodeling contractor Tampa locals swear by.


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