Are you tired of your kitchen and want to remodel it? At Renovate Tampa Bay, we help you renovate your kitchen, be it just one part of the entire kitchen. Regardless of whether you choose to replace your older cabinets with newer ones or remodel the hardware, our renovation techniques and our unique Gray cabinets are bound to give your kitchen a furnished and polished look.

Let’s further explore what you can do to amp up your kitchen style and give it a more modern and trendier look.

Changing Your Kitchen Style

When remodelling your kitchen, if you plan on remodelling just one part of your kitchen, you need to ensure that the final look of the newly remodelled part and your old kitchen ties together. This harmony is essential to have a more harmonized look and ensure that everything seems to be in place. However, if you plan to remodel your entire kitchen, we recommend you pick a theme and color palette and stick to it. 


When it comes to traditional kitchens, there’s usually one line of style that they follow. With their white tiles and white paint, complemented by the hardwood design of the cabinets and other things, these traditional kitchens have a more homely and simple vibe. However, when it comes to modern kitchens, they are chicer and have defined lines and edges. The theme of these modern kitchens is usually centred around uniformity and alignment instead of eye-catching and flashy designs. In addition to all of this, modern kitchens tend to use more modest and monochromatic color palettes that complement the kitchen’s overall design. For this reason, gray-colored kitchen cabinets in Tampa have become the new trend and have rapidly gained popularity.

The third style of kitchen that is commonly found in the transition style falls along the lines of traditional and modern kitchens. It maintains a balance between the two and uses both modest and flashy designs that complement each other and helps customers in resolving their conflict between opting for either a modern or a traditional kitchen.

Are Gray Kitchen Cabinets In Tampa Worth The Hype?

If you are convinced that a modern look is what you want to opt for when it comes to your kitchen style, then we would highly recommend you to check out our line of gray kitchen cabinets. The color gray has gained a significant amount of popularity when it comes to modern designs because of its neutral tone and how well it accents brighter colors. If you decide to use a pop of color in your kitchen, our gray cabinets will highly complement it and make that color stand out even further. 


In addition to being a neutral color, great kitchen cabinets have a very sophisticated look. There is not just one shade of gray kitchen cabinets that we offer when it comes to gray. In addition to the different shades of Gray, we have designed our kitchen cabinets so that they can also be used in traditional and transitional kitchens. The unique decent design goes with any kitchen style and will elevate the overall look of your entire kitchen.

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