If you are considering a kitchen remodel in Tampa this year, there’s no better time to start the process. Whether you are thinking of remodeling the entire kitchen or just sprucing up the cabinets and hardware, any option is going to leave you with a sparkling new kitchen. Gray kitchen cabinets are still popular in today’s trends, making it a classic look no matter the overall theme in your kitchen. Renovate Tampa Bay can assist you through the renovation process from start to finish, providing expert service and exceptional installation work. 


Your Kitchen Style

One important key to your kitchen remodel is what overall style you are going to select for your new kitchen. Even if you’re not redoing the entire room, having an arching theme throughout the space will help bring all the elements together. Traditional kitchens are the down to earth, homey feels of country kitchens. These kitchens usually have more of a flair in their cabinet designs, and are typically painted white or left in their hardwood design for a more rustic feel. Modern kitchens have cleaner edges and lines, and less flash in their door designs, keeping the theme more aligned and uniform. These cabinets can be grey or white as well, but more modern designs are going with more bold colors such as greens, blues and reds for a striking look. 


The transitional kitchen is a mix between the two looks; the cabinets may have the sleekness of modern design but then have the rustic hardware and colors of a country kitchen. Gray as the overall color in these kitchens can catch the eye without being an overwhelming color. And if you do want to add a splash of color, two-tone kitchens are gaining in popularity as well, with kitchen cabinets in two main colors to off-set both of them in a cohesive way. Having a splash of bright blue on some cabinets while having the rest in a softer, lighter gray color will help compliment each other and you won’t be left having to choose between the two.  


Gray Kitchen Cabinets

As previously mentioned, gray can be a great neutralizer if accenting with brighter colors in your Tampa kitchen remodeling project. Blending in gray cabinets can help boost each color’s appearance in the kitchen without over or underwhelming with one or the other. Gray is considered a color of intellect, wisdom and knowledge, and is a classic, refined, and long lasting color. The shade Dove is a lighter, cooler gray topped with a low sheen. This gray works great if used alone or together with a splashier color as the coolness of Dove can offset and tone down the other accent colors well, while still giving a bright and light feel to your kitchen. Dove slate is a slightly darker, more rich gray with a glaze and topped with a low sheen. This shade would work well with transitional and traditional kitchens. Willow is a popular mid-tone gray topped with a low sheen, with almost a charcoal shade to it. Slightly lighter than the Dove slate but darker than the regular Dove, Willow provides a more even, neutral tone no matter what accents are also in the kitchen, and contrasts white very well without being overwhelmingly contrasting. Willow Slate offers the popularity of mid-tone gray paint with a gray slate glaze topped with a low sheen. Slightly darker than Willow, this tone is similar to the Dove slate. 


Kitchen Remodeling In Tampa

No matter what your look and feel of your future kitchen will be, adding gray as the main cabinet color or as an accent will be truly breathtaking. Even if you are simply revamping your cabinets, having the right shade of gray will make you feel as if you walked into a brand new kitchen everyday. The shades of gray available for cabinets today are endless, and will keep you happy and content for years to come.


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