Do you think that you might need some home remodeling? At Renovate Tampa Bay, we tell you when you need to replace or remodel specific parts of your home, so you know that you are fixing your home at the right time. We do not want you to waste money remodeling or repairing parts of your home when they are still working fine. On the contrary, we do not want you to wait too late to fix or replace parts of your home because you might be spending more money than you need. 


Our team offers all kinds of services when it comes to remodels and replacements. We have experts in Tampa flooring, kitchen needs, exterior needs, and anything else a homeowner can think of. We love sharing our knowledge regarding remodels and replacements because we understand that many homeowners do not know how long parts of their home last. We hope that our information helps you because we are the best in Tampa!


Home Remodeling Details

You are probably wondering when you need to replace certain parts of your home. Of course, a lot of this depends on what kind of materials your home is built with, but we can provide rough estimates for you. In terms of replacements on the exterior of your home, decks, roofs, and materials such as aluminum, brick, and vinyl will last around twenty years. Foundation and roofs tend to last anywhere from ten to twenty years. In terms of your kitchen, countertops, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and stoves and ovens will last around fifteen years. Cabinets and refrigerators can last you up to twenty years if they are taken care of. For bathrooms, toilets, and water heaters will show signs that they need replacements such as weird noises and clogging, so it truly depends on what you have. According to our Tampa flooring team, the flooring in your bathroom will usually last fifty to even one hundred years! Other parts of your home, such as doors, HVAC systems, sinks, paint, and windows, can last anywhere from twenty to fifty years. 


Take Care Of Your Home 

Many of the time frames we provide for you truly depend on how well you take care of your home. Of course, it helps if you have top-of-the-line materials in your home, but sometimes the old will outlast the new. We recommend that you take the best care of your home and possible so it will last years without the need for remodeling or replacements. 



A great way to maintain parts of your home is to invite professionals like us to perform maintenance checks. We understand that homeowners do not always know everything about certain parts of their homes, so we recommend that you leave it to the professionals. This way, you will know whether or not your flooring, for example, needs replacement from our Tampa flooring crew. 


Contact Us 

Renovate Tampa Bay are professionals who want you to know when your home might need home remodeling or replacement projects. We do not want you to wait until it is too late or jump the gun and waste your money. So contact us today in Tampa for more information.