The kitchen appearance can be daunting if the components are out of shape. Getting new kitchen cabinets is one solution, but restoring the existing cabinets through painting and refinishing may further extend the kitchen cabinet’s durability!

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Our cabinets are the most susceptible to wear and tear in the kitchen. While their importance is apparent, we can’t get ourselves to stop the banging and slamming. Some habits never die! Regardless, high-quality cabinets should serve us for twenty to thirty years; it sounds like that exaggerated ad you saw last night, but very accurate. The best cabinets incorporate functionality, robustness, efficient storage, and let’s not forget the style!


For top-notch kitchen cabinet durability, look out for the following

  1. Well-built cabinets should be made of plywood or particleboard, even to the sides or back.
  2. The back panels should be 3/8 -inch or even more.
  3. The hinges should feature a soft-close mechanism.
  4. For heavy drawers, consider heavy-duty gliders.
  5. Consider built completely cabinets that are ready for installation.
  6. Cabinets with more extended warranties are an assurance of quality.
  7. Go for waterproof cabinets.
  8. Cabinet restoration, like cabinet painting and refinishing, enhances longevity.


How to make your cabinets waterproof?

Waterproof cabinets are one way to ensure kitchen cabinet durability. The cabinets under the sink are often in contact with water, primarily due to water leakage. In turn, this could lead to the growth of mold or rot. Do the following to ensure your cabinets are not damaged by water:

  1. Secure the sink area and the cabinets with caulk.
  2. Apply some polyurethane to the boxes.
  3. Ensure the openings around your water pipes are sealed.
  4. Gift your kitchen with some under-sink mats.

Conversely, the services of a contractor are not needed to seal the cabinets. But if you feel uncertain, getting that help is also okay for quality assurance. Additionally, whenever you notice a water leak problem, address it as soon as possible!


Is cabinet painting helpful?

Yes! Painting cabinets prolongs their lifespan even by an entire decade. The catch is ensuring it is done in the proper manner below:

  • Cabinets should be painted by hand, employing a brush, sponge, and a roller. Alternatively, spray painting is still good to go, just like they do at factories.
  • For the type of paint, go for solvent-based paints as they exhibit durability properties.
  • Ensure you apply at least three coats of paints. The more the coats, the more the thickness, which equals durability.


Kitchen cabinet finishing for durability

The shine that is finally added to your cabinets is called the finish. They include:

  • Semi-Gloss Finish

The go-to finish if you wish for easy application and longevity. It uses polyurethane. This finish is resistant to heat, chemicals, scratches, fungus, water, and smudges.

  • Gloss finish

The trendy and modern finish incorporates a luxurious look that everyone will be dying to mimic. The finish is available in two forms; lacquer and shellac. Lacquer ensures no chipping or flaking and is, therefore, a good investment. Shellac, on the other hand, is not as durable as lacquer and polyurethane. The good news is it’s effortless to retouch, unlike other cabinet finishes.

  • Satin Finish

It is a mild gloss finish and requires little maintenance. It also hides away dirt and other imperfections. For the busiest of kitchens, it undoubtedly lasts long!


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