From family breakfast to luxurious dining parties, a kitchen is the heart of every modern home! To retain its sophistication and charm, your kitchen flooring has a significant role. It isn’t an aspect of your kitchen design to be taken casually; you must be conscious and intentional about it. 

In this article, we’ve highlighted kitchen floor ideas to select from and the best designs that fit every modern home. Fortunately, as one of the foremost Tampa flooring companies, Renovate Tampa Bay offers the most extensive selection and highest quality kitchen floor designs. 

6 Kitchen Flooring Ideas

  1. Vinyl- 100% waterproof, luxury vinyl offers a variety of colors and styles. It naturally resists odor-causing mildew or mold. It is designed to be a warmer, softer, and quieter floor, making it an ideal fit for your kitchen. 
  2. Porcelain Tile- For good looks and durability, porcelain tile is the champ. The best Tampa kitchen remodeler admits that porcelain tile creates a sparkling, clean look in a modern kitchen. Amazingly, some porcelain tiles are certified to be slip-resistant by the ADA Act (Americans with Disabilities). 
  3. Hardwood- Hardwood is an adorable combination of warmth and beauty! As one of the kitchen floor designs, hardwood is comfortable underfoot. This is the best pick for homeowners with an open floor plan and needs a single flooring option beyond the kitchen. Also, it combines low maintenance and durability. Properly finished hardwood flooring by a Tampa kitchen remodeler will resist moisture that comes from occasional splashes. 
  4. Cork- Uniquely designed, cork is resilient and waterproof. These qualities make it quite comfortable as a moisture-resistant choice for kitchen floors. As a prefinished material, resealing should be done every 3-4 years to prevent stains and scratches.
  5. Linoleum- As a moisture-resistant flooring option, linoleum is a green design for your kitchen floor. It is made from linseed oil and renewable, non-toxic cork powder. Hence, it is toxic-free. As a resilient floor type with several colors and patterns, linoleum can resist foot traffic in the kitchen. 
  6. Limestone- As a natural stone, limestone offers homeowners an old-world look. It is a porous material that should be sealed upon installation and every two years. It’s your answer to your need for warmth in your modern kitchen. 

Five Factors To Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Floor Tile 

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Style sense 
  3. Comfort 
  4. Ease of cleaning 
  5. Cost 

Four Leading Mistakes To Avoid 

  1. Getting Too Weird- It is natural to desire creativity, but don’t get a design that will be a hassle in a few months. 
  2. Failure To Give Yourself Sufficient Installation Time- Do not rush the process! If you are doing it yourself, give yourself that extra time to avoid mistakes. 
  3. Not Mixing Colors- Monochrome isn’t warm nor inviting. So, mix up colors. Don’t use the same color for your floors and walls. 
  4. Price Over Quality- If you pay too much attention to price and think less about the quality, you might have to renovate the design after a few years. Thus, it is best to pay attention to quality first.

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