The best part of a remodel project is when it is finally finished. No more are you plagued by noisy construction, the workers are gone, and your space is finally ready to be enjoyed. The one downside is that now that the kitchen remodeling companies have gone, you still have to clean up the mess left all over your Tampa flooring. Luckily, Renovate Tampa Bay has put together this guide to help guide you through navigating the clean-up process with as little headache as possible. With our help, you’ll soon be enjoying your newly renovated and clean space, sans construction dust.


Kitchen Remodeling Companies Share Clean-Up Tools Of The Trade

It’s always helpful to have the tools you need on hand before cleaning. Depending upon which area in your home has been renovated, here are a few items that you should keep at hand to make your job easier:

  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • Eyewear that will protect you from dust or chemicals
  • A face mask for similar reasons
  • A vacuum to help pick up small particles
  • A mop and broom 
  • Buckets for the mop
  • Trash bags for easy disposal
  • Solutions for cleaning 
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Dustpans for collecting swept up particles
  • A ladder or step-ladder for hard to reach areas


Steps For Cleaning After A Remodel 

To begin, you will want to wipe down any walls, baseboards, molding, or hard surfaces in the space. Dry dusting is the best and safest way to remove all particles from these surfaces. 


Next, you should clean all hard surfaces in the space. These include cabinets (both inside and out), doors and knobs/handles, countertops, and hardware. Be sure to also clean any fixtures in the room, including fans, lighting, curtains or blinds, and vents or ducts. You want to be thorough here: if it is in the room, give it a good wipe. 


Lastly, you should clean your Tampa flooring. For hard surfaces, sweep or vacuum any particles on the floor, then go back, dust-mopping them. If carpeted, vacuum to remove left-over particles. For good measure, we recommend having a professional cleaner do a thorough cleaning.


Safety Tips For Remodel Clean-Up 

The foremost concern when cleaning after a remodel should always be safety. Be sure to wear a face covering at all times to protect yourself from dust particles. Be sure only to use ladders with a partner, to prevent falling or slipping. Finally, ensure that all tools, large debris, and nails are correctly stored to avoid tripping and other hazards.


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