2020 is the year to make your dream kitchen a reality! Here are several kitchen remodeling trends that are taking over 2020 to keep in mind as you plan your next remodel! From bold backsplashes to eye-catching islands, read on to learn more about the best 2020 kitchen trends that we are seeing here at Renovate Tampa Bay. Renovate Tampa Bay is a top Tampa flooring company. Call Renovate Tampa Bay today for your next remodeling project today! 


Top Kitchen Trends of 2020


There are several amazing remodeling trends that have caught our attention here at Renovate Tampa Bay, a top Tampa flooring company. Scroll through to learn about them and maybe incorporate them into your next remodeling project!

  • Big, bold backsplashes make a statement- backsplashes that hide between wall and base cabinets are a thing of the past. Picture a backsplash that extends up the wall, all the way up to the ceiling. These ‘ceiling-height’ backsplashes are becoming feature walls in kitchen styles, and they typically are utilized to provide a cohesive background that makes the kitchen appear more connected rather than piecemeal. Big and bold backsplashes are also great at making those special or custom range hood styles pop.
  • Islands are the big thing- A lot of our clients these days are really loving their islands. Many people are starting to treat their islands like a center-stage showpiece rather than just another component of the overall look. In 2020, the islands are built to stand out. You may want a different cabinet color or style, you may choose to have a different, contrasting countertop, or you may want to even recycle old cabinets to lend some old-world appeal to offset new cabinetry on the surrounding walls and bases.


Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Watch Out For


  • Transitional kitchens combine the best of both worlds- Followed closely by contemporary, transitional is leading the way in preferred kitchen style. Just as the name implies, this style is an ‘in-between’ stage of two other styles, generally traditional and contemporary. The popularity is due to taking the best of both worlds and artfully weaving them together for one-of-a-kind kitchen looks. The ‘rules’ of both styles are totally thrown out the window and give the homeowner more room for interpretation. A lot of homeowners utilize this style to incorporate a contemporary kitchen into a classic, older home. Picture the exposed beams of an older home with glossy modern cabinets, or perhaps some classic white cabinets with dark (bronze or black) modern fixtures such as range hoods, pendant lights, cup pulls, and faucets.
  • White cabinets are always classic- White cabinets are a classic for a reason, even though grey and multicolored styles are coming in hot this season. White cabinets are perpetually popular due to the fact that they offer an adaptable background that can change a homeowner’s style changes. 


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Kitchen remodeling is an exciting process, and you may want to incorporate some of these trends! Call Renovate Tampa Bay for your Tampa flooring needs today!