Remodeling your kitchen is a big  endeavor. No matter how much  research you do or people you consult with, there are still things that can surprise you. To help you prepare for the unexpected, here are some things that you may not know about kitchen remodeling. Renovate Tampa Bay is a top home remodeler offering high quality work at affordable prices. Call Renovate Tampa Bay for kitchen remodeling Tampa residents trust today!


Unexpected Things To Know About Kitchen Remodeling

  • Professional design help is ideal- A kitchen designer will guide you through the process to achieve your vision, but make sure they’re transparent about how they charge. Ask lots of questions- how do they bill, and can you order things on your own to save money? Also, Renovate Tampa Bay has experienced designers who can give you some guidance for free!
  • Accept that living without a kitchen will be very inconvenient- An advanced demolition of the old kitchen is key since it allows for the most precise measurements for the new one. It’s key to maximize every inch, find out where hidden pipes might be soyou can remove, and find unforeseen problems early while they can be addressed. But the period while you don’t have a kitchen is extremely inconvenient, and you need to plan for this ahead of time.
  • Choose your appliances and sink early on- Appliances are integral to the layout. When you’re planning, measuring their width is not enough; check the depth and leave clearance for circulation around door openings, such  as the side of the fridge, which generally has to  be up to three inches to open  interior drawers fully. Moreover, don’t forget the ventilation; clients frequently forget that the range requires a heavy duty vent. And, of course, plan ahead to have a heavy-duty hood for your  heavy-duty range!


Tips For Kitchen Remodeling Tampa Trusts

  • Have a statement design choice, but only one- Give your kitchen some personality, but keep it streamlined. You don’t want it to turn into a circus. If your main attraction is a French Mediteranean-style cement tile floor, then opt for simpler cabinet and countertop choices. This is particularly true for small spaces.
  • Carry a kitchen-in-a-bag- To get the perfect match for your materials, you should have your samples around with you, from tiles, hardware, and countertops to cabinets and paint chips. It’s helpful to see what you’re working with when you’re putting together all the pieces of the puzzle.
  • Establish all of your design choices upfront- Making a design choice when  you’re stressed out from your day or from your kitchen remodel may result in a bad or costly decision. If you haven’t given much thought about your microwave placement, for example, and it became a last-minute decision, you may not end up with the microwave placement you desire.


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