Have you ever looked at a kitchen and heard ‘wow’ escape your mouth? If you’ve ever dreamt of owning such an awe-inspiring kitchen, what’s stopping you from making your guests envious? Your dreams are unstoppable with a remodeling contractor in Tampa on your side, and this is what Renovate Tampa Bay specializes in. Gorgeous features have replaced the old standard sinks, appliances, and countertops.

Take it up a notch in your kitchen remodeling in Tampa Fl with the pot filler, kitchen island, outstanding dishwasher drawer, personalized built-in wine refrigerator, and a warming drawer to add uniqueness, functionality, and bits of originality.


The Must-Have Features For Your Kitchen Remodeling In Tampa Fl

·      Pot filler

Today, the conventional sinks pose a challenge when filling large cooking and stock pots. A valuable addition to the kitchen is the pot filler. You can incorporate it wherever you can run a cold water line. All you ought to do is mount the faucet high enough on the kitchen backsplash to offer water flow to the largest stock pot. Gone are the days when the standard faucet was enough. Excellent faucet designs add an excellent look to any kitchen and don’t go unnoticed.

·      Kitchen island from a remodeling contractor in Tampa

You probably wonder why it’s on the list. And yes, it’s not new in the kitchen remodel scene. But it can create an unmatched centerpiece. This is especially true for the island cooktop, which enhances functionality and elegance when done right. Large islands open up the workspace and provide space for amenities, like the wine refrigerator and others we will mention below. Island cooktop perks include adding a social cooking setup, more cooking choices, and incorporating a visual appeal. You can cook as you catch up with your friends and family.

·      Warming drawer

It is also called the baking drawer or the proofing drawer. If you love some entertainment or have a large family, this feature is practical for you. It incorporates functionality and can be included on the center island or next to the ovens. It keeps the food warm as other dishes are in preparation.

Searching for kitchen renovation contractors near me? This is where their input will go a long way. This addition needs a reinforced cabinet, and a remodeling contractor will ensure it suits your cabinets. This not only adds a sense of sophistication but also great value to the kitchen. You can also replace the typical storage drawer under the oven with this warming drawer. There are various choices of compact and sleek designs.

·      Dishwasher drawer

This is ideal for smaller kitchens that may not have the luxury of a full-sized dishwasher. Most times, it is used with a regular dishwasher and comes in handy for efficiently cleaning a few dishes. It is commonly wood paneled to suit your cabinets and give it a regular drawer look that can pull out.

·      Wine refrigerator

Wine lover, anyone? A tailored built-in wine refrigerator is a must-include feature for you. It helps you save space in your refrigerator and creates entertainment opportunities in the hub of the home. Most importantly, it keeps your wine tasting delicious by maintaining a consistent temperature.

Kitchen remodeling in Tampa Fl provides more freedom than ever with varying textures, features, and styles to create your dream kitchen effortlessly. A highly experienced and skilled designer can help you transform your kitchen space and wow your guests at your next gathering. Always use the services of a remodeling contractor in Tampa for the ultimate makeover, call us today and get that makeover!