If you have a small budget but want to make a big change to your kitchen, then you should consider making minor upgrades to your storage solutions. Almost every kitchen has opportunities to reclaim “lost” space, and when you work with the professionals at Renovate Tampa Bay to take advantage of this opportunity, you can achieve the feeling of a kitchen renovation without accruing a high cost. So, stop searching online for “Tampa kitchen cabinets” and work with us to design the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank.


Slide Into Better Organization Without A Full Kitchen Renovation

One of the simplest upgrades you can do to achieve the feel of a new kitchen is to upgrade your drawers with full extension slides. Full-extension slides allow your drawers to open completely, enabling you to see and reach all the way to the back of the drawer and making the entire drawer usable and accessible. If you seek organization without having to purchase all new Tampa kitchen cabinets, then slides are a great option for you because the drawers and cabinets themselves do not need to be altered – the only thing that gets changed is the hardware that supports the sliding mechanism. This upgrade results in about three inches more of usable space per drawer, ensuring that each drawer is used to its fullest potential, literally!


Roll With It 

Replacing your existing shelves with rollout shelves is another cost-effective way to reclaim tons of space in your cabinets. You can increase the functionality of your kitchen. New cabinets can also improve your organization without having to invest in an entirely new kitchen. The process is very simple – you do not even need to purchase new shelves! Our Tampa kitchen cabinets professionals can simply remove your existing shelves, mount slides onto them, and then place them back into your existing cabinets. This low-cost, easy upgrade brings huge value to your kitchen by taking your dark, hard-to-navigate cabinets and transforming them into sturdy, easy-to-see, and organized spaces. This upgrade will ensure that you never have to take everything out of the front of your cabinets to access the items in the back again. It will allow you to see everything on the shelf at once, making taking kitchen items out and putting them back an easy and organized experience.


Low-cost Kitchen Upgrades Results In Big Value and Better Organization 

Avoid the cost and hassle of a full renovation. Get the most out of your kitchen storage space while also adding tremendous value and function to your kitchen by making minor upgrades today!


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