Have you always dreamed of a more polished kitchen, or you just wanted some design inspirations to make your kitchen more fashionable? You’re at the right place. Our experts here at Renovate Tampa Bay have compiled the list of the most popular kitchen trends in 2021. Whether you want to update your kitchen with these designs or you need new kitchen themes in 2021, our skilled remodelers deliver exceptional services to many homeowners in Tampa. 

Explore The Most Popular Kitchen Trends In 2021

Below are modern kitchen themes:

  1. Mesh Cabinetry- A burnished mesh cupboard door paired with diamond-cut brass handles gives the kitchen a sophisticated look.
  2. The Designer Walk-In Pantry- It’s a complete luxury to have a walk-in pantry that is compact yet holds a lot of small appliances.
  3. Brave Color Contrasts- Painting the kitchen with two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. For example, using pink and green will result in bold contrasts.
  4. Rethinking Upper Cabinets- Many homeowners are now switching from bulky cabinetry to open shelving.
  5. Painted Kitchen- The year 2021 has experienced a comeback of hand-painted kitchens. Want a painting that is more ecologically sound? It is a trend to try out!
  6. More environmentally Conscious Designs- More requests of un-lacquered brass, marble, and wood are being made. More homeowners now use more natural materials in their kitchens. 
  7. Handleless Design- Spice up your kitchen with handleless kitchen cabinets for a more streamlined look. It’s just all about simplicity!
  8. Utilizing Materials In Surprising Ways- A kitchen with standardized appliances and cabinetry should add character with practical elements. The sink area features a rustic shelf and a creative geometric backsplash.
  9. White Kitchen- White is neat, minimal, calm, and enhances light.  In a somewhat chaotic space, this is a design you should try.
  10. Walnut Cabinetry- The increase in demand for walnut cabinetry is due to its rich, dark color and natural warmth that it exudes, giving a feeling of instant luxury.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen Today?

As many experts note, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Family and friends converge in the kitchen during parties, make decisions, and have midnight snack discussions. Below are some of the reasons you should go ahead and incorporate these designs today:

  • Enhances functionality and eliminate inconveniences
  • Meet present family needs
  • Fit your style
  • Increases home’s resolve value
  • Boosts energy and water savings

Get Started Now!

If you are ready to start the project, let’s discuss further options and ideas with you. We have quality experience working with many local homeowners to get them original kitchen designs that will refresh and renew their kitchen. 

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