Selecting the finishes for your new kitchen is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. You want to make choices that will stand the test of time, reflect your design sense, and have all the functionality you would want or need as your family grows. 

While you will be making numerous elections, two of the most impactful picks are cabinets and countertops. The wide varieties of styles, colors, and materials mean you have thousands of possible combinations. Need help in figuring out how to proceed? In Tampa kitchen cabinets and countertops, guidance can be found at Renovate Tampa Bay LLC.


How Do I Choose My New Kitchen Cabinets?


One of the first things you will want to identify is whether your style is more modern, more traditional, or whether you prefer a blended design. The more modern cabinet looks will tend toward minimalist with full door overlays (cannot see the wood frame around the door), typically hidden hinges and straightforward designs. They can be painted, have lighter stain with little wood grain, or even be constructed out of laminate or Thermofoil. A traditional looking cabinet may have the door covering the opening, but you see the frame of the cabinet and will have more design detail. The cabinet doors may have insets, molding, or a design. Traditional cabinets also lean toward darker woods such as walnut, mahogany, cherry, and oak. A blended design model may have a traditional cabinet style that is painted; or a minimalist design in a darker wood. Maple is an excellent wood for either traditional or modern design. 


Are There Any Other Cabinet Considerations?


Those looking for Tampa kitchen cabinets will be able to choose from stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets. Each category offers well-built cabinetry; however, the timeframe when the cabinets will be available can vary considerably. Stock cabinets are usually available almost immediately in predefined colors and styles. Fully custom cabinetry can take weeks or even months to deliver but will allow you to. 

Additionally, stock cabinets are available in defined sizes; semi-custom may offer more sizes, while custom is just – made to the dimensions you or your contractor require.


What About My Countertop Choices?


There are more countertop materials today than ever before. While concrete and stainless-steel counters tend to be more modern in design, in the case of materials such as quartz, granite, marble, solid surface, laminates, wood, etc., the pattern of the materials is the key to the design category. Modern countertop designs would be those with subtle patterns, clean edges, and simple lines. Traditional counters will be more detailed, ensuring the pattern and color compliments the details found on the cabinetry. 


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