The COVID-19 pandemic has upped the ante on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness as the disease ravages the nation. Constant reminders to wash your hands and to not touch your face has kept personal hygiene at the top of people’s minds, and everybody should prioritize hygiene. These measures, along with appropriate social distancing, remain the most effective steps when it comes to slowing down the transmission of airborne pathogens such as the coronavirus that is known as COVID-19. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. Pathogens such as COVID-19, along with bacteria, mildew, and mold, can live on surfaces in your home for up to several days at a time. Luckily, there are certain types of materials and finishes which provide antimicrobial protection, which means that they either kill microorganisms or halt their growth. Read on to learn more about how surfaces such as quartz countertops may help to limit the growth of microbes and other organisms in  your  home! Renovate Tampa Bay provides kitchen remodeling services in the Tampa area. Call Renovate Tampa Bay today to find out more!


Surfaces That Offer Protection From Microbes


Certain types of countertops, hardware, flooring finishes, and  more may assist in the reduction of microbes and other organisms in our homes. One type of surface that offers antibacterial protection is quartz. Quartz is one of the hardest non precious stones on earth, which means that countertops composed of quartz (which consist of ground quartz along with a small amount of resin) are hard, stain- and scratch-resistant, and antimicrobial. Moreover, quartz is totally nonporous, so you don’t need to reseal it. There are many manufacturers of quartz or quartz blend countertops that we provide here at Renovate Tampa Bay, so pretty much every color and finish is available to our clients! Another naturally antimicrobial surface is copper, as it has no off-gasses and ages with a beautiful patina over time. Semi Precious stone countertops such as agate, tigereye, and petrified wood are also stain- and scratch-resistant, making them more resistant to bacteria, and moreover compose some of the most aesthetically-pleasing and unique surfaces that you could ever use in your kitchen remodeling, although they are higher in cost. 


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When it comes to hardware, lead-free copper is a great choice as the material is naturally antimicrobial and will never require sealing. Hands-free fixtures in the kitchen makes for another great option for more hygienic appliances, and today there are more stylish options available than ever before! When it comes to flooring surfaces, bamboo flooring has an antifungal agent that actually lives in the material, and cork flooring, which comes from cork oak tree, prevents bacteria and microorganisms from growing. Both of these materials will have to be sealed and resealed with a polyurethane coating. 


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Countertops and materials such as quartz countertops can help to reduce the spread of germs in your household. Renovate Tampa Bay provides kitchen remodeling services in the Tampa area. Call Renovate Tampa Bay today to find out more!