You may be thinking about a kitchen remodel before summer is in full swing, but have you done any research yet on kitchen shaker cabinets? These types of cabinets go easily with almost any kind of kitchen layout and style, making them a cheaper go-to selection. Renovate Tampa Bay can help you install the Tampa kitchen cabinets of your dreams, helping to perfect your new kitchen. With 176 local clients and over 1,250 completed projects throughout the Tampa area, we are the premiere installation and remodeling company around. 


Tampa Kitchen Cabinets

It can seem daunting selecting the right cabinetry for your kitchen remodel, as there are so many specific styles and designs for the cabinet doors. Shaker kitchen cabinets are slowly regaining traction in the remodeling world as they are highly durable while providing a classy exterior that’s less specifically styled. Shaker style cabinets were originally by the Shaker religious community during the 19th century. Their religion included aspects of unity, honesty and simplicity, which were also translated into their handmade wooden furniture. This design then avoids anything flashy or flourishing in style, but instead provides simple and functional aesthetics that can fit into any type or style of kitchen. 


Shaker Cabinets

Shaker style doors are achieved through a five-piece door with a recessed center panel with no additional edge detailing. The cabinetry styles of shaker doors include an inset, standard, and full overlay options to provide the best in craftsmanship. Inset cabinetry touts sleek lines, flush cabinet doors and a full overlay door. The doors and drawers rest inside of the cabinet face frame openings. The standard cabinet door and drawer faces are slightly larger than the openings, while also slightly overlapping the face frame. Standard overlays are also more forgiving with door and drawer alignments. The full door and drawer faces are larger and overlap the face frame, thus leaving only a small visible reveal.    


With their classic look and clean lines, shaker cabinets are gaining popularity. Modern style kitchens will appreciate their clean and uncluttered look. The doors look good with or without hardware, depending on your own personal preference. These cabinets can be painted black, white, navy, grey, and more while still looking sophisticated and warm. If you are leaning more towards a solid, dark wood grain, search for shaker cabinets made from ash or walnut. If you are looking for a more traditional appearance for your kitchen, shaker style cabinets win in that category as well. Adding a slightly beveled edging to the cabinets can add a more traditional touch to their aesthetic while still providing a clean look. Going with lighter colored paint or wood grains in the cabinets can help bring more of a traditional feel to the shaker style, or even going with a distressed cabinet glaze can bring a more farmhouse, country feel indoors. Choosing antique or more unique hardware for the cabinets can help bring out the traditional feel too. If you are having a hard time deciding between the traditional and modern styles, you can always lean toward a more transitional shaker style to blend both together. 


Choosing the Best

When it comes to Tampa kitchen cabinets, the shaker style is a clear winner. With classic lines and an air of refinement, these cabinet doors help bring any style to life. With a wide variety of shaker styles, wood grains and painting options, it’s no wonder these cabinets are gaining popularity in the remodeling world and will most likely continue to be seen for many more years to come. 


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