Your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge kitchen. Small kitchen spaces offer plenty of opportunities for improvement if you know how to use your imagination. Let the experts at Renovate Tampa Bay help you with your small kitchen renovation. Below are some tips to get you thinking about options for your small space.

Small Kitchen Renovation

The first step in remodeling a small kitchen is to admit that you have a small kitchen and accept the fact that you will not be able to cram everything into your space. You will need to keep your plans simple. Remember, the primary purpose of a kitchen is to prepare meals, so focus on the priority upgrades.

When upgrading a small kitchen, make sure that your appliances are sized appropriately. Valuable real estate can be quickly consumed by appliances that are too grand in size, so skip the double door fridge and the six-burner stove. You will also want to keep your kitchen accessories, like pots and pans, to a minimum as these too can overflow cabinets.

Next on our list of small kitchen remodeling tips is to get rid of any upper cabinetry. It is natural to think that having a small kitchen means you need to cover every inch of unused wall with cabinets for storage. The problem is that upper cabinetry can overwhelm a small space, boxing it in, making it feel even smaller. So, one technique to open up a small kitchen is to remove the upper cabinetry and replace them with open shelves. You will have storage space but without the claustrophobic feeling of full cabinets.

Keep It Bright

Don’t underestimate the importance of light in a small kitchen, both natural and artificial. A lighter room will feel like a larger room, so keep the curtains to a minimum. Install ample recessed lighting to keep all of your tasks out of the shadows.

Another method for keeping your small kitchen bright is to only paint and install cabinets with light colors. Don’t be afraid to go with white, and you can always add splashes of color with decorations.

Embrace An Open Floor Plan

The last of our ideas for renovating a small kitchen is to embrace the popularity of an open floor plan and knock down a wall or two. Gone are the days where the kitchen had to be concealed from the view of guests. Your living areas can now transition seamlessly from living, dining, and kitchen. Rather than having several small rooms, you can have one large area to admire and enjoy.

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Owning a small kitchen does not mean you are stuck cooking in a dark, dungeon-like cell. It just means you have to be more creative and more diligent in your room planning. Let the experts at Renovate Tampa Bay help with your small kitchen renovation. You can count on us to remodel your kitchen with high-quality materials, honesty, integrity, and accountability. For more information, make sure you contact us today!