Choosing the right flooring is important and aesthetically pleasing. Now that you’ll be spending more time in your home office, it should be comfortable, not have the feeling of being cluttered. It should serve the purpose of a productive room and increase motivation.

Renovate Tampa Bay offers Tampa home remodeling for your floors, for whatever room you please. We have a wide variety of selections for Tampa, and we want your office feeling comfortable, productive, and inviting each day.

Tampa Home Remodeling

Depending on the foot traffic, you want a floor that is strong, durabile, and flexible. The maintenance should also be easy, and while no floor is perfect, each has its strong points. These floors are the most popular for home offices:

  • Hardwood 

You can never go wrong with this choice. Natural wood tones are very popular, and a classic style. It’s sophisticated, simple to maintain, and once you enter, will impress yourself each time as well as business partners. The con to this type of flooring is that any exotic woods will be costly to acquire and they are vulnerable to damage. 

  • Tile 

This type has the potential to be very stylish and it’s very affordable. It’s grown in popularity in recent years, due to the advantages. However, tile does come with a number of downsides. It is very difficult to install and requires an expert. 

If anything is rolled on or even walked on with heels, it can be very noisy! Any electronics in the office will need antistatic properties, as it is easy to build up with tile floors.

  • Carpet

This offers many benefits as it absorbs heat, and during winters, this is an advantage for your office if you do have cold winters. It is a soft material, and anything that falls won’t be damaged. It’s very affordable and very available.

The downside is carpet is vulnerable to dirt and dust, and builds up if not cleaned regularly. It will hold stains and odors if anything is spilled. It also may be very difficult to roll or push heavy equipment in the room.

  • Laminate 

Used in so many homes, it does offer another stylish option and it comes at an affordable price. Easy to maintain and it is not susceptible to moisture, unlike hardwood and carpet.

The downside is that it is very time-consuming to install, panels need protection of another barrier placed beneath them. 

We’ll Help Choose Your Best Floor

With so many options and choices for your office, it can be difficult to see which one you want. Renovate Tampa Bay will help narrow your choices by asking your budget and style. We offer our quality services for Tampa home remodeling, as each person has different tastes and needs.

We work for Tampa to get your aesthetically pleasing look and style to get your tasks completed at home. The look for your office can be whatever you design and we’ll implement your wants to make you feel comfortable and boost your motivation for work. Let us transform your office into a productive environment!