If your house is currently under remodel, now is the time to take advantage of adding kitchen technology to make your life easier. There are many different ways of incorporating great technology additions to your already stellar kitchen, and Renovate Tampa Bay is here to assist you. We can help you with the renovation process from start to finish, giving you the Tampa kitchen of your dreams!

What To Incorporate

No matter the design and feel of your kitchen, having the latest technology helps you cook and bake even better than before. Having a rustic kitchen with central command may seem counterintuitive at first, but it’s a great way to make your kitchen more flexible and easier to get the cooking done. If you are still in the early phases of your kitchen remodel or building your home still, installing a central command will be a definite life changer. This automation system can control the heating, lighting, music streaming, and even window coverings. Having all of these controls at the command of your voice will help you cook without distractions or stopping and starting over and over. Exhaust fans have always been around in kitchens, but if you’re upgrading, it may be time to look into more efficient models that take up less room. There are many different models available, from large, modern chimney hoods to hidden vents that pop-up when needed. Some of these devices can even sense the heat coming from the stove and act accordingly.

Kitchen Technology

Your renovation project may be in the early stages, which is great to incorporate some finer details into your new kitchen. Having plug in sockets right on the counter can also help you with all your gadgets. If your children are also working on school projects, they’re going to need their laptops or tablets charged. And what better way than with pop-up power points in your countertops? No more cords and electrical devices near stoves, sinks and other hazardous conditions. The pop-up power socket can be on an island or away from all the appliances, keeping your family safer and fully charged no matter what. If you’re looking at recipes, having a tablet right there in front of you is great, but it may be running low on battery life. With a simple drawer, you can have an easy, go-to spot for charging all of your gadgets in one central location in the kitchen. The drawer has different sizes for each device you may need to charge, along with the charging hub to get everything fully charged and ready to go for your next meal.

Technology Awaits!

If you’re constantly needing hot water but don’t want to wait around for the kettle, make sure to install the boiling-water tap into your sink. Although these can be a little pricey, they are definitely worth it if you are always in need of hot water. Be sure to shop around, as models may range in price, and some are boiling-water and other models are near boiling-water. There are safety features for this tap which makes it difficult for children to turn on, avoiding accidents. This is definitely a great technology addition to your kitchen remodel with all the cooking you’ll be doing!

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